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How to Design at Scale

How to Design at Scale

Jonah Jones  - Product Designer Manager @ Facebook

Jonah has been working in product design since 1999. With a background in design, programming and film, he began his career as a designer in the London startup scene. He then joined Google, where he worked for 8 years in Zurich, Sydney and Mountain View, leading the redesign of Google Maps. He now leads design teams for Facebook in London, working on tools to bring people closer together.

The Google Maps navigation and cartography teams have an overwhelmingly complex task to create a universal experience that helps people navigate their world, no matter where in the world they are. How do you create an experience that works for well-established road grids in New York City and dirt roads in rural India? 

The Facebook sharing team also have an overwhelmingly complex task to support the diverse needs of a quarter of the worlds population. How do you build tools that work as well for a teenage girl in Japan as they do an elderly man in rural France?  

Brian Flanagan - Global Product Director @ Expedia

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Brian has been at Expedia since 2008 leading all e-commerce and product aspects of the Expedia site for Canada and, for 4 years, launching and leading their Latin American sites. 

He joined Expedia’s Global Product Organisation and moved to London to lead product initiatives related to maps, geography and reducing the cognitive load that travellers have when planning their trips. Brian’s product management experience spans mobile, banking and marketing all from a customer centric view point.


Talk Synopsis

Expedia is a leader in product management and UX approaching these disciplines with a healthy dose of data science. Their internal mantra is “led by design, confirmed by science”. The presentation showed insights into Expedia’s approach to product development which leverages collaboration between design, research, technology and analytics and how they apply a test and learn approach and the Scientific Method to our every day lives.

  • 28/09/2017
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