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SODA Social Ethics of AI Discussion

By: Lucy Neal

SODA Social Ethics of AI Discussion

We’ve seen the application of AI in real life such as Facebook and autonomous cars. For the first time, humanity is creating technology that can develop itself. We discussed and debated whether or not AI can be emotionally intelligent and the consequences/forays into this area to date. As we push the boundaries of AI, what are our social responsibilities, what duty to we have to progress society emotionally as well as technologically and how should we think about psychological health and well-being.

Confirmed Panel

• Pete Hotchkiss – UX/UI Manager, Clarksons (Chair)

• Ivana Bartoletti – Head of Privacy & Data, Gemserv

• Richard Orme – CTO, Photobox Group

• Seyi Akiwowo – Founder, Glitch!UK

• Reema Patel – Programme Manager, Nuffield Foundation

• Charlotte Stix – Research Associate on the AI Policy, University of Cambridge


Hosted by Photobox Group. Check out our video below:


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