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Recap: Webinar #10 - Tech: The Future of Sustainability

By: Alfie Rice

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Recap: Webinar #10 - Tech: The Future of Sustainability
Our fab SODA Social panel!

On Earth Day 2021, we hosted our SODA Social webinar session, ‘Tech: The Future of Sustainability’ in partnership with the incredible energy technology leaders; OVO energy.  

From technological innovations that are reshaping sustainability, to strategies on how leaders can adopt sustainable practices and how we can drive societal change for a greener future.

A common theme throughout the webinar for how we can drive for a more sustainable future was with behavioural change, rather than technological change. If we focus on taking a human-first approach and understanding these behaviours can enable sustainable innovation to be positioned for success.

We spoke about the interesting hardware developments in zero carbon heating, such as heat pumps, which Hope Thomas from OVO Energy predicted would gradually make their way into people’s homes in the near future. Furthermore, with 50% of fresh produce such as yogurts being wasted, Philippe Schuler from Too Good to Go expressed how this is often to do with our behaviour’s habits and mindsets. However, it is encouraging to see the right technical tools in place to help combat this issue. 

When asking our audience about the impact of covid-19, 72% of attendees felt that 2020 helped them become more conscious of being sustainable. The following areas are methods that our community felt they could make an impact on a day-to-day basis: 

  • Reduce plastic consumption
  • Recycle
  • Invest in green technology

Using incentives to encourage sustainable behaviour was a pivotal talking point. Jessica Greene from Ecosia spoke about how their website provides the opportunity to create a personal counter of searches you make, which will then show how many trees you have planted across the world using their renewable energy. Other schemes included rewards for choosing to walk in populated cities, and an expansion of cycle lanes to facilitate this. 

From all at SODA Social, we thank our panellists for taking the time to speak with us, as well as OVO Energy for collaborating with us. If you weren't able to attend the webinar, catch up on the video footage below. 


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