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Podcast Episode 7 - Nick Novak

By: Lucy Neal

Podcast Episode 7 - Nick Novak
Podcast, EdTech, Education, Future, Society, Social Enterprise, Schools, Future of Education, Startups

This episode will touch on the subject of EdTech and the future of education. This is episode 7 and we are joined with Nick Novak a Startup Consultant and Social Enterprise Advisor. Nick has over 15 years of driving growth for SaaS social enterprises across EMEA and the US. Nick has unique expertise in building and leading teams to empower data-driven transformation across public and private sectors. He is operationally focused, with a deep understanding of how to scale startups successfully and is passionate about building customer-focused organisations that deliver positive social impact at scale. Despite living in Britain since 2012, he’s still no closer to losing his American accent or his love for baseball.


Have a listen and let us know what you think.


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