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SODA Social is a networking event that brings together some of the brightest digital technology enthusiasts looking to socialise, expand their knowledge and have a jolly old time! Over the course of 2017 we will be covering a broad spectrum of current and future digital trends and current affairs. 

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Combating Challenges in Machine Learning and AI

What an exceptional event our SODA Social turned out to be at Shoreditch Platform. On this occasion, we talked around combating challenges in Machine Learning and AI. Our speakers included Andreas Koukorinis from Strategem, Kostas Perifanos from Argos and Stefan Boronea from Proportunity. As always, our event was free plus we provided refreshments and nibbles. Thank you to our attendees and we look forward to seeing you at the next SODA Social!

  • 13/07/2017
Kostas Perifanos
  • Argos
  • Company:Argos

Kostas Perifanos

Kostas joined Argos in 2017 as a Lead Machine Learning engineer. Prior to Argos, he worked at Royal Mail, Mailonline, Pearson and in research; he was involved in a broad range of projects from European FP6 research programs to EdTech, Analytics, Search, Predictive Modelling using Machine Learning and AI. He is interested in Deep Learning, Distributed Computing, Optimisation, Search, Predictive Analytics and Natural Language Processing.

Kostas Manolarakis
  • Stratagem
  • Company:Stratagem

Kostas Manolarakis

Kostas is a Quantitative Research Analyst and has extensive experience in academic research. He holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics, an MSc in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge University and a PhD in Numerical Stochastic Analysis from Imperial College London.

Stefan Boronea
  • Proportunity
  • Company:Proportunity

Stefan Boronea

Stefan is the co-founder and CTO of Proportunity, a London startup using machine learning to understand and forecast real estate trends. Prior to starting Proportunity, he worked at and IBM in both engineering and data science roles. He is fascinated by machine learning approaches to solving tangible problems, with a focus on predictive analytics, anomaly detection and emergent behaviour.

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